Monday, March 28, 2011

Yo, Meathead!—2011 MLB Picks

Well, I’m not going to get into as much detail as my pal, Ed. No MVP or Cy Young picks here. You see, while I know that he’s so used to the Lakers winning that they’re not even really on his radar right now, I am actually watching the Knicks attempt to make the playoffs for the first time in recent memory, so I haven’t really caught up with spring training yet. Yes, all those lousy years… I know, they’re still not the best, even with Amare and ’Melo, but next year, once they trade for a legitimate center, get a solid backup point guard…

Anyway, I digress.

So, my picks for the 2011 MLB season?

American League

AL West: Oakland A’s

AL Central: Your guess is as good as mine—oh, okay, the Minnesota Twins

AL East: Tampa Bay Rays

Wild Card: Texas Rangers

AL Champ: Tampa Bay Rays

National League

NL West: San Francisco Giants

NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies

Wild Card: Atlanta Braves

NL Champ: Philadelphia Phillies

MLB Champs: Tampa Bay Rays

Eh, what the hell do I know?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My 2011 MLB Picks!

Baseball season starts next week, so here are my fearless predictions. Read these again in late October for a good laugh, because last season I picked the Boston Red Sox to win it all, and they didn't get into the playoffs. I am picking the Red Sox again to win the World Series in 2011, but I haven't been right since 1989, when I picked the Oakland A's to capture the crown. Since then I'm oh-for-21 and still searching for winners!

My MLB 2011 Predictions
National League
NL West: Colorado Rockies
NL East: Philadelphia Phillies
NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers
Wild Card: Atlanta Braves
NL Champion: Philadelphia Phillies
American League
AL West: Angels of Los Angeles
AL East: Boston Red Sox
AL Central: Detroit Tigers
Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays
NL Champion: Boston Red Sox
MLB Champs: Boston Red Sox
2011 Award Winners
National League
MVP: Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies
Cy Young: Ray Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies
Rookie of the Year: Aroldis Chapman, Cincinnati Reds
Comeback Player of the Year: Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves
Slugger of the Year: Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies
Closer of the Year: Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants
American League
MVP: Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays
Cy Young: Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers
Rookie of the Year: Jeremy Hellickson, Tampa Bay Rays
Comeback Player of the Year: Joe Nathan, Minnesota Twins
Slugger of the Year: Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox
Closer of the Year: Jose Valverde, Detroit Tigers