Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yo, Meathead!

Wow, the first week of November! Did everyone have a Happy Halloween? We sure did at our house!

I can’t say how unhappy I am that the Phillies won the World Series, but I guess they earned it—by the end of it all, they were clearly the best team in baseball. Of course, it galls me greatly to have to say that about a Philadelphia team.… Too bad the only thing I have to hide myself behind in the New York–Philadelphia rivalry is the Giants’ last Super Bowl win, since the Eagles went to the Big Dance only once out of four appearances in the NFC Championship Game from 2002 to 2005 and lost that game to the Patriots.

It will be a grueling season for the Mets next year, having to hear all about the Phillies’ big win—but then, the Mets haven’t done much to endear themselves to the rest of the NL East with their celebratory antics the last couple of years. Their division rivals all feel extra-motivated to beat them due to their immature posturing. Maybe seeing the Phillies with some championship bling will finally make the Mets more serious about winning and less concerned with antagonizing the other teams in the league.

So—now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s go on to the more pleasant (at least, for me) subject of football! Even as I write, the early slate of games is playing itself out, but the game I’m looking forward to this afternoon is Dallas–New York—another notch in the long history of games between these two rivals (even though the Cowboys have bested the Giants in their overall regular-season series, it’s always fun to point out now that the only time the teams met in the playoffs—last year—the Giants won). I am hoping the Giants can turn on the dominance and once and for all put to rest all those early predictions that said the Cowboys were the team to beat in the NFC and had the best shot of going to the Super Bowl. Even before this upcoming game, who would you be more likely to pick as a really good team, the 6–1 Giants or the 5–3 Cowboys?

I understand the Cowboys have injuries (and a suspension) to deal with—everyone does at this point of the season—which is why depth also matters. Maybe Jerry Jones should hire himself a general manager and take a step back for a change. He’s getting more like Al Davis every day, and look where the Raiders are right now!

After their terrific showing on defense last week in defeating a hard-as-nails Pittsburgh team (possible Super Bowl preview, anybody?), more strong defensive play from the Giants and home-field advantage, as well as Tony Romo’s broken hand, should tip this one in favor of Big Blue. With a 7–1 record at the halfway point of their season, it will be tough for anyone to question that the G-men are the tops in the NFC, and perhaps in the NFL, Tennessee’s undefeated record notwithstanding.

SEASONINGS: Anyone know the last time the Giants—or any team—had a safety in two consecutive games? That’s some defense!


Big Ed said...

Hey Meat. Nice treat. We loved the pic of the dog. Hey, did you happen to see the Texas vs. Texas Tech college football game this last weekend? It was probably the most exciting game ever! Hope to see you before 2008 is over!

Meathead said...

Didn't see the game--oh, well. Yeah, that pic of Jozz is a riot! Talk to you soon!