Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yo, Meathead!

So New York’s basketball nightmare continues.…

Even though Knicks fans have been waiting for two yearstwo years—for this day, I don’t know if I ever really believed that LeBron James would come to New York. But it would have been okay if he had stayed in Cleveland or even gone to Chicago. I could’ve handled him going to the Nets more easily than what actually happened.

Anything but this.

As I’m sure you must know by now, LeBron is going to be joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. Once upon a time, when the Knicks mattered, the Heat were the Knicks’ biggest rivals. When Pat “the Rat” Riley bailed out on New York and set up residence in South Florida, every match between the teams became a grudge match, and the rivalry was vicious and harsh.

Now, the Knicks have been awful for a decade, but I still hope every year that the Heat fail. Call it a case of sour grapes, but I hope that Wade, Bosh, and James never meld—that each one of them wants to be the Man, and they constantly get in each others’ way. I hope they never win a championship, and I hope James regrets for the rest of his life that he signed with Miami. If I wasn’t such a nice guy, I might hope for a dislocated shoulder somewhere along the line, too.

Never mind that the Knicks actually sent Isiah Thomas to try some last-minute recruiting on LeBron. Isiah? The same guy who did more to ruin the Knicks’ franchise than anyone else besides owner James Dolan? Don’t make me laugh!

Yes, Amare Stoudemire is a nice consolation prize. In my dreams, the Knicks get a couple more complementary players over the next year or two and finally find their way to relevance again. In my fantasies, they meet Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals, just like the good ol’ days, and knock them into oblivion on their way to their first championship since 1973.

I am also consoled by the fact that James came off as such an arrogant, selfish guy in the last week. Who needs a guy like that on your team? He thinks the world revolves around him, and woe betide King James when he realizes that he’s in D. Wade’s house and must play second banana to him.

Sour grapes again? Perhaps. I always use sour grapes to make my whine.

Go New York.

Down with Miami.

Down with LeBron.