Saturday, April 7, 2007

Capturing Baseball History

I’m rolling along with my interviews for The Society of Baseball Research (SABR). I found a list of the 25 oldest living MLB players and I’ve already interviewed Rollie Stiles (#1: Age: 100) and Herman Franks (#15: Age: 93). On Monday, I’ll be talking to Nick Strincevich (#25: Age: 92). I’m on a mission to interview these players before they pass on to the big baseball diamond in the sky. Capturing their recollections is my goal. Also on my radar: Lonnie Frey (#4: Age: 96), even though when I called him last week he told me to get lost; Tony Malinosky (#3: Age: 97); Clarence Ace Parker (#8: Age: 94); and Ralph Hodgin (#23: Age: 92).

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Meathead said...

Wow, Lonnie Frey actually told you to get lost? The nerve! He should be flattered that you want to talk to him! Go get him, dude!