Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What I would do if I owned the SF Giants

The San Francisco Giants are doing a promotion asking fans the question: “What if they really were your SF Giants?” The ad says “Submit your ideas now for My SF Giants and you could be one of the lucky fans to have their once-in-a-lifetime wishes fulfilled at AT&T Park!” They want people to go on their web site ( and write a few paragraphs on this topic. Here’s what I came up with:

First off, I’d fire General Manager Brian Sabean. His off-season moves were atrocious, especially signing Pitcher Barry Zito for seven years. Do you know what the chances are of a MLB pitcher lasting seven years? So many things can happen – arm troubles, head troubles, control problems – that to sign a pitcher for that length of time is just plain dumb. Not to mention the money the Giants gave him. Why didn’t the team try to get some good young players? The ones the team has now will be eligible to join AARB in a couple of years!

Secondly, I would reduce the concession prices at AT&T Park. Seven bucks for a warm, flat beer is a tragedy and a disgrace. A family of four can’t afford to go to games anymore, because the Giants want an arm and a leg for peanuts, popcorn and polish dogs. Only rich yuppies and corporate CEO’s can pay the tab required to go to a game at AT&T.

The last thing I’d do is get rid of that ridiculous mascot, Lou Seal. Bring back the Crazy Crab. At least the Crab was creative and fun. The bloated seal they have now looks like a muskrat on steroids and his antics are unoriginal and tired. If mascots don’t keep the crowd interested, they are simply annoying.

That’s what I’d do if they were my SF Giants, for starters.

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